Sunday, October 18, 2009

Slow Food Bastille (Paris) on hunt for grandmothers' recipes

We received this wonderful invitation from Slow Food Bastille, via Slow Food New York's Regional Governor, Ed Yowell:
We are organizing a recipe contest on Internet to put together recipes transmitted from person to person, trough family or friends. The "award ceremony" will take place in Euro Gusto, the next french "salone del Gusto" in Tours in November.
The Slow Food Bastille chapter would love to receive recipes from overseas, so get out grandma's recipe file, and get to work! Recipes should be made with common, economical ingredients, should feed at least 6 people, and should be geared to non-professional cooks. There are 19 days left until the close of the contest, so you have a little bit of time to review your recipes before submitting them, and you may submit multiples. Winners will be announced at EuroGusto at the end of November.

Entries may be made in French, English or Italian (just click on the flag).

To enter, visit:

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