Friday, May 1, 2009

Slow Food RI welcomes City Farm to the RAFT Grow-out

Slow Food Rhode Island is happy to have Southside Community Land Trust's City Farm joining in the Renewing America's Food Traditions (RAFT) Grow-out project.

City Farm is the original garden that launched Southside Community Land Trust.  It was founded on an abandoned lot that had been used as a chop shop for stolen cars.  In 1981, neighbors in this area joined together to form community gardens that evolved into Southside Community Land Trust, and now City Farm provides a space for children and adults alike to learn about sustainable growing practices.  

City Farm hosts a summer children's garden program, youth internships, fieldtrips, apprenticeships and public workshops in urban agriculture. Neighborhood children spend time at City Farm learning about gardening first-hand, including activities like feeding the hens, helping to weed, learning the names of plants, and picking and eating edible flowers, sweet cherry tomatoes, and delicious raspberries.   

City Farm is a 3/4 acre farm that supplies local farmers markets, groceries, restaurants, coffee shops and food pantries such as the Amos House, Food Not Bombs and the RI Food Bank, and this season.  They will add True Red Cranberry Beans and Boothby's Blonde Cucumber, two of the RAFT Grow-out varieties, to their list of crops this summer.  

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